Gearing up for my first 25 Hour Enduro

Authored By Brian

Although not exactly a trip or travels, I am going to chronicle my involvement in the NASA 25 Hour Enduro this year. This is an endurance auto race where the cars run straight for 25 hours. First place at the end takes all the glory.

My friend Marshall Pruett put together a team to run a Subaru WRX STI previously run in the Car & Driver SuperTuner challenge. An amazing number of hours have gone into preparing the car by many talented people. Although I love to drive, for this effort I am an assistant manager of the team, helping to keep things straight late in the night as we perform driver changes, refuel and swap tires.

There’s not much to say about endurance racing other than it’s long, cold and usually wet this time of the year at Thunderhill. It also requires nerves of steel, a strong team of smooth and consistent drivers, a budget the size of our national debt and cases upon cases of Red Bull.

I’m hoping I’ll update this a few times during the race and I’ll be sure to add a post-race write-up with pictures. You can also check our progress on This is a very neat event that starts with an Air Force jet lighting its afterburners as it strafes the front straight and ends with many blurry-eyed racers and crew holding a checkered flag. See you on the other side…

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