Well deserved beach time; going home

Authored By Brian

Today was our day of departure. We got up and walked down the beach to Duke’s for breakfast. Another buffet, but these places have buffet scrambled eggs down to a science with a little butter, some cheese, green and red peppers and onions mixed in. And despite our historically poor table karma, we were seated at the very corner outside looking onto the beach. A reward for yesterday perhaps?

My plan today was to rent a surfboard for another hour but the weather was gray and uncooperative. We laid on the beach for about an hour while Jennifer napped and I read our Lonely Planet book on Costa Rica. After she woke up, I noted that it looked about time to bail as darker clouds were rolling overhead. Not sixty seconds later, a couple of drops turned into a driving rain and we collected our stuff and scurried back into the hotel. A quick shower and we were on our way to the airport.

I wasn’t sure what to expect about Hawaii. I was a little worried that people love it so much it would be overhyped when I arrived but it turned out to be really great. If our guidebook would have been a little more accurate I think it would have been even better but regardless we did a lot of neat stuff and had a great time together. That’s all that really matters to me and I will definitely go back in the future.

We are planning a round-the-world trip now for 2006 going west and I can already see a layover in Hawaii on our way to Australia!

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