My first time getting Lei’d

Authored By Brian

It’s how all trips start. A click of the mouse or a reading of your credit card over the phone. The modern telecommunications infrastructure grants you your (usually restricted) pass to some place else. Last week, Jennifer and I jumped on a TravelZoo Top 20 special for a $375 5-night vacation in Hawaii with round-trip airfare from San Francisco. Aloooooooha!

I’ve never been much of a beach bum. It’s not that I dislike it, but I don’t like sitting around endlessly doing nothing. Given the choice between beach and mountains, I’d normally opt for the mountains. But Hawaii isn’t just any beach. Have you ever heard anyone speak negatively of time on the islands? The moment someone learns that I’ve never been, the unquestionable next five words from their lips are “Oh you must absolutely go!”

Given that we’re planning to get certified for SCUBA and we upgraded our hotel, the package won’t be quite the bargain it initially appeared but I’m sure we’ll have a good time. Scratch that, I know Jennifer will have a good time. The beach is her second home. I am, however, confident that I will also have a good time. We’re leaving on Thursday, November 17th, returning on the 22nd and staying at the Outrigger Reef hotel on Oahu. The map makes it look right on the beach and we have a “limited view” or “you have to peek around the corner to see the water” room.

Time to watch some Hawaii Five-O, buy a tacky Tommy Bahamas shirt and get some of Jason’s “you-can’t-get-this-in-the-US” SPF 80 sunblock. Any tips for things to see or places to eat?

[Update 9/12/05; even my former business partner Rob loved Hawaii and he's a pretty critical person.]

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