The week in review

Authored By Brian

This week I did very little. I mean I accomplished a lot, but it was centered solely around Pukka. I don’t think I went outside yesterday. That’s OK; sometimes you have to be productive and I solved a number of problems not the least of which was figuring out how to do min-width with CSS in Internet Explorer. I also created a clickable prototype of the new Pukka 2.0 layout and design. I think I have the workflow issues solved.

Yesterday I found from Gabriela that the post office does have my bag! That means I can finally shave my own head again soon. In the mean time, I went across the street to the peluqueria for a trim. The barber had the fastest fingers I’ve seen. Between each snip he would open and close the scissors at least twice as if they were an extension of his body. I sat perfectly still while he sliced and diced and when I walked away 11 euros poorer, I once again looked like I had a mama. Another benefit of the shaved head: impossible to screw up and available anywhere.

I’ve also been doing some further research about how to move abroad more successfully after Jennifer sent me a list of the mail I have waiting at home. My previous and current insurance companies both want something from me urgently (money and signatures, respectively), I haven’t received a paycheck I’m expecting and the DMV is waiting for proof of insurance on my motorcycle, which I don’t have. Bollocks.

That’s why, if you go abroad, you need to get a service like US Global Mail. You give everyone their address and upon receipt, US Global Mail will sort and input everything you receive into their database that you can view online. For $15 per month plus the cost of actual shipping, you can select which mail to keep and have them send you a bundled package of mail via any one of 16 shipping options anywhere in the world. You get your mail in a timely fashion and your friends don’t hate you. Sounds like money well spent.

As a result of the mail snafus and other pending issues, I’ve pretty much determined that I’ll be flying home immediately after the WRC round near Barcelona. My calendar says 52 days until November 14th, the launch of Pukka 2.0. I’m pretty sure I can swing that along with some weekends away in Spain to maximize my remaining time here.

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