Home Sweet Home

Authored By Jennifer

By the time you read this, we will be enjoying our first morning back in the good ol´ USA. We were originally scheduled to come home on June 5th, but we changed our plans to be present for my dearest friend Quiana´s wedding. I´ve known the girl for 22 years now, there was no way I was going to miss this. It´s funny really, we started our trip with Kevin and Natalie´s wedding and we´re ending it with Quiana and Leonard´s. I love weddings.

We are very excited about going home and reuniting with our friends and family. Our journey has been absolutely wonderful, and it´s sad yet surreal that it´s finally coming to an end. We´ll be spending the next few weeks with our families in Vacaville and Redding, and then moving into a sublet this summer in Berkeley. Once I find a job, we´ll find a more permanent place to live.

We´ll be sending out a few more blogs with summaries of our trip, fun facts, travel tips and links to all of the pictures we have yet to upload. Thanks to all our fans for continuing to read about our adventures (just a few more to go) and hopefully we´ll be seeing you all very soon.

13 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Nathan Dintenfass Says:

    Welcome Home!

  2. Connie Chapman Says:

    Another “welcome home” — Anxious to hear about your adventures in person. And living the summer in Berkeley sounds fun too. The Farmer’s Market etc.

    Still need to contact everyone from Tante Marie’s for our reunion. Let’s talk after Memorial Day weekend.


  3. Dan Ghidinelli Says:

    Jennifer and Brian:

    It’s true…absence does make the heart grow fonder. Welcome Home !!!


  4. Natalie Says:

    yay!!! Call us soon, we can’t wait to see you again!!!!

  5. Trevor Peace Says:

    Hey, wow, welcome back! Glad you made it back safe, sound, and possibly even sane…

  6. Jason Says:

    As someone who barely knows only one of you two (and that only through work long ago), I have to say that it’s been incredible reading about your adventures — it was better than watching a documentary, and almost as good as being there. Quite a ride.

  7. Steven Says:

    Welcome back! If you guys get bored of the stationary life, I know someone in Florida who likes guests! :)

  8. Elaine GHIDINELLI Says:

    Welcome back! I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. It will be soo nice to see see you . Looking forward to it.

    Love, Mom

  9. eva Says:

    welcome home! i cannot wait to catch up with you guys. when can you come down to Los Gatos for a visit?


  10. Kelly Says:

    Welcome back, hoping to see you guys in June after your have time to catch up with family etc.

  11. James Says:

    Yeah, you’re home. Can’t wait to see you both and hear more stories first hand. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was reading all these blogs. It was so much fun. Thanks for including me in the distribution. Miss you both!

  12. Cherisse Says:

    Welcome home!! It’s been awesome reading all your entries, I felt like I was there with you guys. Can’t wait to meet up, Tante Marie’s Reunion =)

  13. Brian Says:

    Thanks everyone… we’re settling in nicely! We have one more post for the end of our trip and then we’ll follow it up with a couple of tips and tricks we learned as well as some fun “stats” about the trip. See you all soon!