“I’m disappointed in your writing because you haven’t been honest”

Authored By Jennifer

This is what Brian said to me over dinner. And I guess he’s right because I haven’t been completely honest. Mostly because I don’t want people to think that I’m ungrateful for this wonderful opportunity, or that I’m a “princess.” But truthfully, I haven’t had the best time in South East Asia and actually made the decision to cut my trip short and go home. So here’s some honesty, a few things that I’m tired of:

-having to ask for a napkin or use toiletpaper as a napkin
-asking for the bill at every meal
-having dirty feet everyday because there are few sidewalks and more dirt than grass, in fact, there’s no grass here
-taking my shoes off before I enter any place so that my feet can get even filthier
-beds that are made with cartoon character sheets, mismatching pillows and towels as blankets
-sleeping with geckos in my room every night
-constantly smelling the stank of the sewage system
-showering in bathrooms where the whole bathroom is the shower stall
-using those dinky wands to shower with
-going to the bathroom over pits in the ground
-being crammed into every mode of transportation we take
-sleeping in rooms with dirty walls, where you can literally see the remains of the last 200 people who slept there
-being hasseled for everything, I mean everything
-being charged a higher price because I’m not a local
-not spending that extra $5 for a room with a/c in order to save room in the budget
-seeing trash everywhere and not being able to find a trash can
-being helped by people who don’t know what customer service is
-not being able to drink the water
-always questioning whether we’re getting ripped off
-feeling guilty for indulging
-mistaking a local’s friendliness as help instead of what it really is, a nicer way of begging for money

Despite all of these things, and the possibilty that it might get worse, I decided to stick it out. But I won’t be going to India this time around. I can only take so much. Instead, after a few days in Chiang Mai, Brian will board a plane to India and I’ll board a plane to Bali for a week at Club Med. After a little pampering and relaxation, I’m headed to Paris and then to Italy to meet up with Brian. It’s better than going home and will give me the boost I need for the rest of our trip!

It’s funny, we’ll be away from each other for almost 3 weeks, which will be the longest we’ve been away from each other since Brian was in Europe. I think we’ll manage.

4 Responses to ““I’m disappointed in your writing because you haven’t been honest””

  1. Connie Chapman Says:

    Jennifer and Brian

    I have so enjoyed the updates– whole truth or not. I think your current plan sounds wonderful. Hope you’ll send some updates while you are getting recharged.

    Your recipe postcard arrived yesterday. Maybe when you return we can do some cooking together.

    I left Vivande in early February and started work at Whole Foods. I’m not cooking, but love doing customer service. And I only work 4 days a week.

    Look forward to getting together when you return.


  2. Lincoln Log Says:

    You forgot a few things:
    -not having to work…at least you don’t, but Brian does
    -get to play on the beach and go snorkling
    -meeting new peoples
    -not having to work
    -having the option to do nothing all day long
    …oh wait these are good things!!! J-bay…I think you miss your friends and family here…but we’ll all be here when you get back.
    I can relate…last time I was in Thailand sick as a dog…I couldn’t wait to come home and sleep in my own bed and poop in a real toilet. Good call with Club Med….I remember you was trying to get me to go there a long time ago. Having fun in Paris too!! Bon jour mon ami.

  3. Shawna Says:

    Jen – I think you plan sounds F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I would do the same thing. Have fun relaxing and being papered.

  4. Dan Nazzareta Says:

    What’s up Jennifer! Dang, sounds like the trip is crazy! I hope things are better and I can’t wait to talk to you again…I miss ya! Things are busy as always back home and there’s always lots of stuff to stay busy with. Drop me a line when you get a second and take care of yourself and tell Brian I said whazzzzzup! XOXOXO