About to go SCUBAing

Authored By Brian

My laptop charger died after plugging it in to a bus socket so my phone and laptop are both out of juice. Usually Jennifer and I write at night and then upload pictures and post to the ‘logue here but we’re just getting short opportunities to check at Internet cafes until my replacement arrives tomorrow or the next day.

We’ve left New Zealand which has made us sad – it started to feel like home. We’ve made our way up the east coast of Australia from Brisbane to Cairns and will post pictures and stories later. For now, we’re in Cairns; alive, well and having fun. Tomorrow we start the first day of classroom sessions in our 5-day SCUBA class. The first two days are on land and the last 3 days will be aboard aboat on the outer Barrier Reef.

We’re looking forward to it and will post when we get back. Happy new year to everyone and happy birthday to my dad who turns 58 today!

2 Responses to “About to go SCUBAing”

  1. Scott Says:

    Hello Brian and Jen. I really enjoy your travelogue. You two are engaging writers and clearly tech-savvy. We recently returned from Aust/NZ and had a great time as well. If you are deciding what diving to do, we were on a liveaboard out of Cairns that we really enjoyed. I believe it was the Reef Encounter and it went to some key spots on the outer reef (Saxon and Norman, among others). The boat was surprisingly nice – good food and bar onboard. Word of warning, the trip to the liveaboard, which is anchored out on the reef, is by a tender. On our trip out it was really rough and probably 70% of the passengers hurled. They might give you some herbal supplements for motion sickness which didn’t seem to work to well. If you are susceptible, I highly recommend Dramamine. Have a great trip.

  2. Nathan Says:

    SCUBA was one of the best things my wife & I did. In addition to the diving rules they will tell you about remember if you get disoriented watch your bubbles as they will always rise (similar to what they tell fighter pilots about drooling it always falls.)

    BTW one of my coworker’ is in Sydney on a 2 yr project for work and just finished year 1 so if you need resturant ideas or want an insiders perspective just drop me an email.

    Keep up the writings we are all enjoying them!