New Zealand Rocks!

Authored By Brian driving route that is. We have been looking a lot at since that’s our first big stop. Their website is incredible! It shows the full range of things you can do in NZ and goes way, WAY beyond what most tourism sites include.

One thing we’re planning on is touring in a Spaceship. Behold, suggested driving routes around the islands. You can specify north, south or both islands and how long you have to travel. Very cool!

If you add a page to your travel planner at the bottom of the screen, there is some AJAXy goodness and the + icon jumps into your basket. Take that,!

3 Responses to “New Zealand Rocks!”

  1. scientaestubique Says:

    Don’t miss the Zorbing in New Zealand (even if you just watch)

  2. Brian Says:

    Yeah… I am pretty sure I will be a spectator on this one. :)

  3. Colin Says:

    That zorbing sounds fun, I wish I could zorb. :(