Authored By Brian

My apartment is in a central zone known as Chueca. Chueca is a great neighborhood. Although it’s the “gay” area, more than that it’s very diverse and has lots of trendy restaurants and bars. In Madrid, I would say trendy means “non-Spanish”. Gabriela, who turned 27 Friday, always eats Spanish food every time we eat together. When I first came to Spain, I didn’t think you could eat any non-Spanish food. Thankfully Chueca is loaded with various cuisines to enjoy if they aren’t a bit pijo (~snobby/fancy).

The downside however, and this isn’t just Chueca, is that everything is closed on Sundays at 4:45pm. So my food run was turned instead into a nice walk outside. It’s a little bit warm and the streets are dead while most people are probably still recovering from last night.

The tapas bar next door has a sign indicating Atletico Madrid is playing Barcelona tonight so that should be interesting. Real Madrid lost 3-0 to a bunch of suckers last Sunday and my Spanish teacher was in tears. He doesn’t like football that much but was embarrassed. Dangerously enough in Spanish, embarazada is to be pregnant while embarazoso is to be embarrassed. I’ve committed those two to memory to avoid any mistakes.

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