Raining in Spain

Authored By Brian

It started sprinkling about half an hour ago and now it’s a full fledge rain. I don’t think I’ve heard thunder before in Spain but it sounds pretty close.

For my birthday next weekend, I’m going to Milan to see the Formula One race at Monza. Air Europa has dirt cheap fares to lots of places so the round-trip ticket is only $143 USD. I think the race ticket is more than twice that! My cousin Laura in Milan is letting me crash with her for the weekend so it should be a relatively cheap way to see Grand Prix racing the way it was meant to be seen – admist thousands of cheering tifosi. I’m sitting at Prima Varianza at the end of the start/finish straight in front of the first chicane. It should be the best seat in the house and I’m sure the first lap will be exciting.

I also took a Spanish exam this afternoon at the International House language school. Starting Monday, I’m taking two weeks of intensive Spanish classes four hours a day. I have to stop screwing around and actually start practicing. As part of my room search, I came across an opening to share a flat with a Spanish teacher; we’ll see if that pans out. This organization seems pretty legit with a giant building in the center of Madrid. Their prices are pretty reasonable so I have high expectations for the next two weeks.

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