Tourists or locals?

Authored By Brian

As expected, tonight did not disappoint. Patrick brought me along for a “blind date”; he was meeting some friends of a colleague he had not met before. Four girls in their early 30s and Patrick all speaking Italian, mixed with the occasional word of English. I really need to learn this language.

American music equals dancing. Even if it’s heavy metal and Rage Against the Machine.

After some drinks and eventually dinner at a famous pizzeria called Montecarlo, we met up with Patrick’s friend Rafael and parted ways with the girls, hopping into Rafaels’ VW to race across town to the Global Village. As explained to me, this was an unused piece of real estate that communists moved in and took over and now use to throw parties. For some reason, the government won’t do anything about it so it remains this village of bars and discos where the locals come to get their groove on. And groove they do – clearly to some of the oddest “dancing” music (insert a Slayer-ish song followed by a Rage Against the Machine track). We met up with a few more of Patrick’s friends there and did some dancing when moshing might have been more appropriate. Still, until 3:15am everyone was having a good time when we exited the club in search of late night snacks.

Rafael drove us at warp speed 9 to double park in front of a late night eatery that, roughly translated, serves “pussy with juice” as a dessert. It’s basically a pastry with chocolate sauce and whip cream. I don’t know how it got its name but it was worthy of the trouble it took to get. Although I explained that we usually hit a diner at 3am for fries with gravy, these two were having none of it and insisting that sweets were the only way to end the evening. When in Rome…

Piazzas equal girls. If you’re looking for love, find the fountains at night.

Looking back however, the girls are better looking in the touristy areas than this locals only joint. It may be the tourists are more willing to flaunt it in the heat but the quantity and quality decreased as we headed away from the center of town. Note to future Rome travelers; if you’re looking for hotties – stay central at any of the fountains.

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